Laptiming program

The program is based on BGKV timer hardware provider. The software is the hardware provided by data processing and displaying program. This is in the third generation software.
Over the past 8 years of experience, and the two versions experience were used in the current system, and program development needs and growth needs in mind, we take the emphasis of the program modularity.This means for the users that the software is the continuous development of the individual "nice" functions fit together, and if required on request of individual developments, which are attached to the base and not be replaced.

The software is designed that to the PC RS232 port for external hardware connected by two types of units can be connected so to enable for  the old customers with new hardware adaptation is a gradual manner.

The software is currently under development. The primary function of wealth, practicality in mind in relation to the developments. Further developments of the software, you can obtain further information on the site. 

The timer program has two parts: a server and a client part. Part of the hardware of the server and client between communication controls, making it possible - in the future - more use of a client server program through.


 There are currently three different software packages we offer: 

  •     Base 
  •     Middle 
  •     Full

 The program package* includes the following modules are grouped:

Modules base middle full


  • timer can be preset time.
  • timer can be preset round number.
  • preset kart number.
  • dinamical kart recognation.
  • start a thread button push.
  • start a thread automatically.
  • fly one by one, and all the participants in the procession in the moment to stop and start.
  • stop the thread, reset the thread, stopped the print run.
  • auto run at the end of printing.
  • edit the names on the fly, stored in the system, or ad-hoc name setting.
  • encoder on the fly * pooling, stored in the system, or ad-hoc encoder settings.


  • customs skinnable
  • webcam picture, as background.           
  • Removable window and switched to another viewer
  • keys are connected to tubes, so the green light switches on startup, running at the end of red, yellow Pause
Partner handling
  • can be included in the system partners, who can save the data and the timing of the contact name can name.
  • e-mail address and all e-mail address auto-clipboard, enabling partners to rapidly provide e-mail support.
  • card deposit options and timing, while ensuring rapid access
Go-kart handling
  • karts can be included in the system of different parameters (name, engine ,...)..
  • karts matched beacons.
  • X-time running after the oil change warning
Display handling
  • LED display is used to set BGKV
  • 3 different display sequence set
  • COM port using the optional display
Round handling
  • automatic setting of the printing
  • dynamic transducer departure
  • pre-configured for many different menetkonfiguráció
  • Automatically add transmitters to the system
  • outside displayer turn on
  • webcam turn on
  • 2 types of skin-based adjustability
  • threads run on that day, or have threads back of long-run, delete..
  • run the hiscore (the first 30 pieces) is stored, deleting.
  • re printability above-listed.
  • add users to the system. Cancellations per user limit.
  • some diffferent system's statistics displaying (ex. daily hiscore, how many thread were in today...)
  • automatical archiving
  • oil change karts waiting indicator

*The basic package of services available in the middle and middle bundled package of all the services included in the full package.

IMPORTANT! The above packages are compiled, we reserve the right to modify, and are not responsible for any resulting inconvenience! Therefore you should contact us in person to clarify the above list. Please and thank you in advance for your understanding.