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What do we offer?

To the timing of technical sports we offer a complete solution with the help of our laptimer system.The system contains from hardware side  sign customer unit, signaller units and display unit(s), and from a software side it these his combined operation necessary administrative program.

Who are we?

We are the founding members of the association MGSZASZ (Hungarian Karting Association - Amateur branch). We started developing our timing system eight years ago. Both the hardware and software went through changes and refinements to several generations the course of time.
The changes based on karting or race karting practicality and precision required by the demands that emerged. For the time being is mostly software side for further developments in the current - and growing steadily - in order to meet demand.

Why choose us ?

Our team began developing the system from hobby and not bussines purposies, so
it can ensure the pursuit of safe and high quality hardware and software products for.
The continuous improvement necessary to test their tracks, sharp, active service at the chance to do so, allowing the practice, in use errors and more practicable solution to the theoretical aspects of planning, rather than away from the table. The continuous development has a price, of course, as more and more defects may be produced in addition to frequent and thorough testing, but a rapid and direct contact with our clients as a result of such errors with immediate solutions and solutions we have already and will continue.
Idea of three highly technical expertise to ensure people who have made a hobby of the association for the system.